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Masto Cup tournament

Masto Cup tournament was founded in 2004 and is held in August every year in Lahti, Finland.
Lahti is located about 100km from Helsinki and it is really easy place to arrive by car, bus or train.
Masto Cup tournament is really popular tournament in Finland, normally well over 200 teams involved.


There is categories for girls in agegroups from 8 to 15.
In very popular categories we have two option to choose based on playing level.
There is also categories for boys B8-B10.
Fee: for one day tournament 125€, for two- or three-day tournament 250€.
One day tournament guarantees four games and in two and three day tournament guarantees six games.
You can see exact categories from this link

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Playing fields

Most of the games will be played on natural grass or artificial grass, in the area of Lahti and Olympic training center Pajulahti and training center Vierumäki .
Each category will be played in same place.


Tournament schedule will be published two weeks before the tournament on our websites.


School, training center and hotel accommodation and meals can be arranged for attending teams.
For further information, please contact: 


Three best teams will get medals and trophy.
Every players will get diploma and one from the team will get most valuable player trophy.

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Masto Cup tournament will offer you:

  • Amazing memories around football with your team
  • Really good games and facilities
  • Beautiful city of Lahti and really good tournament organization

When you decide to enter our tournament,
we will contact you personally and discuss possibilities of schedules and transactions